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SMS Exam
You'll need to correctly answer at least 12 of the 15 questions below (at least 75%) to progress to the next unit.
Question #1: Anaphylaxis is caused by
Question #2: Not disposing of your hazardous waste can result in
Question #3: The Skin
Question #4: POM stands for
Question #5: You should know if your client uses warfarin because
Question #6: What are the symptoms of Anaphylactic Shock?
Question #7: if your client goes into Anaphylactic shock, what is your protocol?
Question #8: If your client has a foreign body in their eye should you attempt to remove it?
State your reasoning
Question #9: What is your protocol for performing CPR?
Question #10: List five medications that can affect bleeding?
Question #11: What preventative injection is recommended for technicians?
Question #12: If you thought your client was about to faint what is your protocol?
Question #13: what is the ratio of the adrenaline ampoule?
Question #14: Why can the adrenaline not be poured out of the bottle?
Question #15: Where should you dispose of the adrenaline ampoule and why?
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