Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Welcome
Module 2Bespoke First Aid
Unit 1Vasovagal Attack
Unit 2Anaphylaxis Reaction
Unit 3Choking
Unit 4External Bleeding
Unit 5Eye Injury
Unit 6Needle Stick Injury
Unit 7Recovery Position
Unit 8CPR
Unit 9End of Module Exam
Module 3A + P of the Skin, Hair and Nails (Integumentary System)
Unit 1Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 2Dermatology of the Skin
Unit 3Epidermis
Unit 4Dermis
Unit 5Subcutaneous Layer (Hypodermis)
Unit 6Functions of the Skin
Unit 7Skin Types
Unit 8Skin Tones
Unit 9Fitzpatrick Colour Theory
Unit 10Pathological Changes of the Skin
Unit 11The Skins Healing Process
Unit 12The Skins Healing Process - Phase 1
Unit 13The Skins Healing Process - Phase 2
Unit 14The Skins Healing Process - Phase 3
Unit 15The Skins Healing Process - Phase 4
Unit 16The Ageing Process
Unit 17Structure of the Hair
Unit 18Hair Types
Unit 19The Structure of the Nail
Unit 20End of Module Exam
Module 4A + P of the Eyes and Ears
Unit 1Anatomy of the Eye
Unit 2Functions of the Eye
Unit 3Anatomy of the Ear
Unit 4End of Module Exam
Module 5A + P of the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
Unit 1The Cell
Unit 2The Circulatory System (Cardiovascular)
Unit 3The Heart
Unit 4Principal Blood Vessels of the Heart
Unit 5Primary Vessels of the Head, Face and Neck
Unit 6Heart and Blood Vessel Disorders
Unit 7Pathologies of the Blood
Unit 8Respiratory System
Unit 9End of Module Exam
Module 6A + P of the Skeletal and Muscle Systems
Unit 1Skeletal System
Unit 2Skull Skeletal System
Unit 3Bone Structure of the Hands
Unit 4Bone Structure of the Feet
Unit 5Muscles of the Body
Unit 6Position and Action of Muscles - Facial
Unit 7Positions and Actions of Muscles - Shoulder Gridle
Unit 8Positions and Actions of Muscles - Posterior Trunk Muscles
Unit 9Positions and Actions of Muscles - Anterior Trunk Muscles
Unit 10Position and Action of Muscles - Arm and Hand
Unit 11Position and Actions of Muscles - Leg and Foot
Unit 12End of Module Exam
Module 7A + P of the Lymphatic, Endocrine and Nervous Systems
Unit 1The Endocrine System
Unit 2Pathologies of the Endocrine System
Unit 3Lymphatic System
Unit 4Pathologies of the Lymph System
Unit 5The Nervous System
Unit 6Pathologies of the Nervous System
Unit 7End of Module Exam
Module 8A + P of the Digestive, Urinary, Renal and Reproductive Systems
Unit 1Digestive System
Unit 2Urinary and Renal System
Unit 3The Female Reproductive System
Unit 4The Female Reproductive System - Menstrual Cycle
Unit 5End of Module Exam
Module 9Contraindications and Medical Problems
Unit 1Contraindications
Unit 2List of common Contraindications
Unit 3Medical conditions and Problems of the Face and Eyes
Unit 4Contraindications of the Hand, Feet and Nails
Unit 5Medications
Unit 6End of Module Exam
Module 10Health, Safety and Hygiene
Unit 1Health and Safety
Unit 2Hazard Signs and their meanings
Unit 3Sanitation
Unit 4Codes of Practice
Unit 5Hygiene Checklist
Unit 6C.O.S.H.H
Unit 7Insurance
Unit 8Working Environment
Unit 9Ergonomics
Unit 10Waste Disposal
Unit 11End of Module Exam
Module 11Completion
Unit 1Congratulations
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