Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome
Unit 2 Introduction
Module 2 Salon Management
Unit 1 Salon Management
Unit 2 What are the roles of Managers
Unit 3 Definitions of Management
Unit 4 Staff Management
Unit 5 Managing expectations of Employees
Unit 6 Staff, Employing Staff, Employment and Training
Unit 7 End of Module Exam
Module 3 Management of Health, Hygiene and Safety in the Salon
Unit 1 Health, Hygiene and Safety
Unit 2 Ergonomics and PPE
Unit 3 Hygiene, Sanitation and Codes of Practice
Unit 4 Safety
Unit 5 Assessments to carry out in the salon
Unit 6 Insurance
Unit 7 End of Module Exam
Module 4 Quality Management of Client Care and Treatments
Unit 1 Client Management
Unit 2 GDPR - Data Protection
Unit 3 Treatment Preparation
Unit 4 Selling and Negotiation
Unit 5 End of Module Exam
Module 5 Management Marketing in the Beauty Sector
Unit 1 Pricing
Unit 2 Identify the Market
Unit 3 Salon Demographics
Unit 4 Customer Income Profile
Unit 5 Advertising and Promotions
Unit 6 End of Module Exam
Module 6 Completion
Unit 1 Congratulations
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