Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Welcome
Unit 2Introduction
Module 2Salon Management
Unit 1Salon Management
Unit 2What are the roles of Managers
Unit 3Definitions of Management
Unit 4Staff Management
Unit 5Managing expectations of Employees
Unit 6Staff, Employing Staff, Employment and Training
Unit 7End of Module Exam
Module 3Management of Health, Hygiene and Safety in the Salon
Unit 1Health, Hygiene and Safety
Unit 2Ergonomics and PPE
Unit 3Hygiene, Sanitation and Codes of Practice
Unit 4Safety
Unit 5Assessments to carry out in the salon
Unit 6Insurance
Unit 7End of Module Exam
Module 4Quality Management of Client Care and Treatments
Unit 1Client Management
Unit 2GDPR - Data Protection
Unit 3Treatment Preparation
Unit 4Selling and Negotiation
Unit 5End of Module Exam
Module 5Management Marketing in the Beauty Sector
Unit 1Pricing
Unit 2Identify the Market
Unit 3Salon Demographics
Unit 4Customer Income Profile
Unit 5Advertising and Promotions
Unit 6End of Module Exam
Module 6Completion
Unit 1Congratulations
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