Module 2Background of Colour
Unit 1History of Colour
Unit 2Sir Isaac Newton
Unit 3Advanced Healing with colour
Unit 4The Colour Spectrum
Unit 5End of Module Exam
Module 3Colour Theory and Chakras
Unit 1How does Colour Healing Work?
Unit 2Chakras and Colour
Unit 3Chakra - Root - Red
Unit 4Chakra - Sacral - Orange
Unit 5Chakra - Solar Plexus - Yellow
Unit 6Chakra - Heart - Green
Unit 7Chakra - Throat - Blue
Unit 8Chakra - Third Eye - Indigo
Unit 9Chakra - Crown - Violet
Unit 10Other Colours
Unit 11End of Module Exam
Module 4Colour Therapy
Unit 1Application of Colour
Unit 2Applying Colour to the Body
Unit 3Clients Colour
Unit 4End of Module Exam
Module 5Colour in our Environment
Unit 1Colour in our Environment
Unit 2Clothing
Unit 3End of Module Exam
Module 6Colours
Unit 1Colour List
Unit 2End of Module Exam
Module 7Completion
Unit 1Congratulations
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