Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Welcome
Module 2Understanding Coronavirus
Unit 1Understanding Coronavirus
Unit 2The Chain of Infection
Unit 3Transmission of The Disease
Unit 4End of Module Exam
Module 3Differences in Coronaviruses
Unit 1Pandemic and Epidemic
Unit 2The History of Coronavirus
Unit 3End of Module Exam
Module 4Understanding Pathogens
Unit 1Understanding Pathogens
Unit 2Reducing the Spread of COVID-19
Unit 3End of Module Exam
Module 5Preparing to Re-open a Beauty Workplace
Unit 1Preparing to Re-open a Beauty Workplace
Unit 2Social Distancing in the Beauty Workplace
Unit 3PPE
Unit 4PPE Demonstration Video
Unit 5Hand Hygiene
Unit 6Hand Washing Video Demonstration
Unit 7End of Module Exam
Module 6Health and Hygiene
Unit 1Sterilisation of tools
Unit 2Surfaces
Unit 3Towels and Laundry
Unit 4Handling of Waste and Waste Disposal
Unit 5Cross Infection
Unit 6End of Module Exam
Module 7Safety in the Salon
Unit 1Safety in the Salon
Unit 2Risk Assessments
Unit 3Mobile Technicians
Unit 4Handling Money
Unit 5Informing Clients of Changes
Unit 6Treatment Modification
Unit 7Staff Adjustments
Unit 8End of Module Exam
Module 8Completion
Unit 1Congratulations
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