Module 5Crystal Healing - About
Unit 1What is Crystal Healing?
Unit 2How does Crystal Healing work?
Unit 3Crystal Healing Benefits
Unit 4What are Crystals?
Unit 5Timings and Pricing
Module 6Auras, Meridian Lines, Chakras and Crystals
Unit 1Crystals
Unit 2Auras
Unit 3Meridian Energy Lines
Unit 4Chakras
Unit 5Chakra - Root - Red
Unit 6Chakra - Sacral - Orange
Unit 7Chakra - Solar Plexus - Yellow
Unit 8Chakra - Heart - Green
Unit 9Chakra - Throat - Blue
Unit 10Chakra - Third Eye - Indigo
Unit 11Chakra - Crown - Violet
Unit 12Linking to the Divine and Protection
Unit 13Choosing your Crystals
Unit 14Suggested Crystal Layouts
Unit 15End of Module Exam
Module 7Preparation
Unit 1Client Consultation
Unit 2Record Card
Unit 3Client and Therapist Experiences
Unit 4Setting up Your Healing Space
Unit 5Cleansing the Crystals
Unit 6Charging and Programming Crystals
Module 8Crystal Healing Step by Step
Unit 1Layout of Crystals and Chakras
Unit 2Crystal Healing Step by Step
Unit 3End of Module Exam
Module 9Aftercare
Unit 1Aftercare
Module 10Completion
Unit 1Congratulations
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