This online training Henna Brows is especially developed for the experienced brow specialist who wants to work with eyebrow henna. Or already using a different brand of brow henna, but would like to start working with Dyōtics.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Bespoke First Aid
Unit 1 Vasovagal Attack
Unit 2 Anaphylaxis Reaction
Unit 3 Choking
Unit 4 External Bleeding
Unit 5 Eye Injury
Unit 6 Recovery Position
Unit 7 CPR
Unit 8 End of Module Exam
Module 3 Anatomy and Physiology
Unit 1 Dermatology of the Skin
Unit 2 Epidermis
Unit 3 Dermis
Unit 4 Subcutaneous (Hypodermis)
Unit 5 Functions of the Skin
Unit 6 Skin Types
Unit 7 Skin Tones
Unit 8 Muscles of the Face
Unit 9 Structure of the Hair
Unit 10 Hair Types
Unit 11 Contraindications
Unit 12 List of Contraindications
Unit 13 End of Module Exam
Module 4 Health, Safety and Hygiene
Unit 1 Health and Safety
Unit 2 Sanitation
Unit 3 Codes of Practice
Unit 4 Hygiene Checklist
Unit 5 C.O.S.H.H
Unit 6 Insurance
Unit 7 Working Environment
Unit 8 Ergonomics
Unit 9 End of Module Exam
Module 5 About
Unit 1 What is Henna Brows?
Unit 2 The Henna Plant
Unit 3 History of Henna
Unit 4 Is Natural Henna Dangerous?
Unit 5 How can I tell if henna is Natural and Safe to use?
Unit 6 How long will Henna Last?
Unit 7 Henna Brows Timings and Prices
Unit 8 End of Module Exam
Module 6 Preparation
Unit 1 Consultation
Unit 2 Patch Test
Unit 3 Example Record card
Unit 4 Trolley Set-up
Module 7 Henna Products
Unit 1 Mixing the Henna
Module 8 Brow Mapping
Unit 1 Face and Brow Shapes
Unit 2 Step by Step Guide to Brow Mapping
Module 9 Hair Removal
Unit 1 Hair Removal Step By Step - Waxing
Module 10 Henna Brows Step by Step
Unit 1 Step by Step Henna Brows
Unit 2 Step by Step Henna Brows Video Demonstration
Unit 3 End of Module Exam
Module 11 Aftercare and Hints and Tips
Unit 1 After Care
Unit 2 Hints and Tips
Module 12 Completion
Unit 1 Congratulations
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