Module 1Mega Volume Lashes - About
Unit 1What are Mega Volume Lashes?
Unit 2What are the benefits?
Unit 3Suitability, Timings and Pricing
Module 2Lash Mapping
Unit 1Lash Weights, Lengths and Curls
Unit 2Determining the correct Volume
Module 3Fan Technique
Unit 1Fans and their Techniques
Unit 2How to Make a Fan
Unit 3Making a Fan Video Demonstration
Unit 4Fan Trouble shooting
Module 4Preparation
Unit 1Client Consultation
Unit 2Patch Test
Unit 3Record Card
Unit 4Adhesive
Unit 5Treatment Set Up
Module 5Mega Volume Lashes Step by Step
Unit 1Natural Eyelash Cleanse Step by Step
Unit 2Natural Eyelash Cleanse Step by Set Video Demonstration
Unit 3Mega Volume Step by Step
Unit 4Mega Volume Step by Step Video Demonstration
Unit 5Extension Removal Step by Step
Unit 6Extension Removal Step by Step Video Demonstration
Unit 7End of Module Exam
Module 6Aftercare
Unit 1Maintenance / Infills
Unit 2How to Improve Retention
Unit 3Aftercare
Unit 4Importance of Cleaning the Lashes Regulary
Module 7Completion
Unit 1Theory Complete
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