Module 5Make-Up - About
Unit 1History of Make-up
Unit 2Who is suitable for this Treatment?
Unit 3How Long does the Treatment take?
Unit 4How long will the treatment last?
Unit 5What other Treatments can be performed at the same time?
Module 6Preparation
Unit 1Client Consultation
Unit 2Client Record Card
Module 7Products
Unit 1Make-up Kit Essentials
Unit 2Brushes
Module 8Colour Correcting, Basic Contouring and Strip Lash Application
Unit 1Colour Correcting
Unit 2Basic Contouring
Unit 3Strip Lash Application
Module 9Make-Up Step by Step
Unit 1Make-up Step by Step - Day
Unit 2Make-up Step by Step Day Video Demonstration
Unit 3Make-up Step by Step - Night
Unit 4Make-up Step by Step Night Video Demonstration
Unit 5End of Module Exam
Module 10Aftercare
Unit 1Aftercare
Module 11Completion
Unit 1Theory Complete
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