Module 1Semi Permanent Make Up - About
Unit 1Important Information
Unit 2What is Semi Permanent Make-up?
Unit 3Is SPMU Painful?
Unit 4Pigments
Unit 5Brow Pigments
Module 2Brows
Unit 1Disposable Needle Cartridges
Unit 2Eyebrow and Face shapes
Unit 3Brow Shapes and Sizes
Unit 4Brow Mapping
Unit 5Pigmenting the Eyebrows
Unit 6Hair Strokes
Unit 7Procedure for Ombre Brows
Unit 8Treatment Techniques & Procedures
Module 3Preparation
Unit 1Client Consultation
Unit 2Record Card
Unit 3Silvera Machine Kit
Unit 4Equipment
Module 4SPMU - Step by Step Guides
Unit 1SPMU - Step by Step Procedure for Brows
Unit 2SPMU - Step by Step Procedure for Brows Video Demonstration
Module 5Aftercare, Corrections and Troubleshooting
Unit 1Corrections
Unit 2Trouble Shooting
Unit 3Aftercare
Module 6SPMU Brows Exam
Unit 1SPMU Brows Exam
Module 7Portfolio and Case Studies
Unit 1Portfolio Building
Module 8Completion
Unit 1Theory Complete
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