Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Copyright
Unit 2Contents
Unit 3Course Overview
Module 2Bespoke First Aid
Unit 1Vasovagal Reaction/Attack (Fainting)
Unit 2Recovery Position
Unit 3CPR
Unit 4Anaphylaxis
Unit 5Choking
Unit 6External bleeding
Unit 7Eye Injury
Unit 8Self Care
Module 3Medicine Interactions
Unit 1Medicines
Module 4Health and Hygiene Systems
Unit 1Maintaining Sterile Environments
Unit 2Hazardous Waste Disposal
Module 5Skin Care
Unit 1Physiology of the Skin
Unit 2Preparation and Skin Surface Cleansing
Module 6ACPB Safe Micropigmentation System (SMS)
Unit 1What is Topical Adrenaline?
Unit 2Risks Associated with Adrenaline
Unit 3Video Demonstration of Adrenaline Application
Module 7Client Care
Unit 1Client Consultation
Unit 2Clientele Prescription and DATA Protection
Unit 3Client Consult Form
Module 8Bibliography
Unit 1Bibliography
Module 9Course Completion
Unit 1Completion
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