Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Welcome
Module 2Introduction to Sound Healing
Unit 1Introduction
Unit 2Understanding Sound Healing
Unit 3How does healing with Sound work?
Unit 4Nature Vibrating
Unit 5Chakras
Unit 6End of Module Exam
Module 3Understanding Sound and Light
Unit 1Understanding Sound and Light
Unit 2Major Sections
Unit 3How we Hear
Unit 4How we Balance
Unit 5Sound
Unit 6Light and Sound
Unit 7End of Module Exam
Module 4Grounding and Chakra Sounds
Unit 1Grounding and Chakra Sounds
Unit 2Harmonics and Chakra Sounds
Unit 3Silence Sound Healing
Unit 4Percussive Sound
Unit 5End of Module Exam
Module 5Sound Therapy
Unit 1Sound Therapy
Unit 2Match the Voice
Unit 3Techniques using the ‘C’/’G’ Tuning Forks and Cleansing Aura's
Unit 4Step by Step Treatment Using ‘C’/’G’ Tuning Forks
Unit 5Affirmations
Unit 6Affirmation and the Chakras
Unit 7End of Module Exam
Module 6Sound and Music in Our Environment
Unit 1Sound and Music in our Environment
Unit 2Sounds allowed in the Body and sounds at the core of our being
Unit 3End of Module Exam
Module 7Completion
Unit 1Congratulations
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