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Foundation Make-up

Due to the sharp rise of image focused social media platforms using professional looking imagery or YouTube make-up tutorials, there is more of a demand for professional make-up artists than ever before. Make-up is a great treatment to offer on your salon menu with a wide range of options to suit every client making it versatile and fun treatment. As beauty therapists we know how good it feels when a client leaves the salon feeling beautiful and confident. Helping clients to understand more about make-up and how to apply it can be empowering for them and a popular addition to your treatment menu.

This course will also teach you the skills that you need to know about offering professional Make-up treatments.

Once you have completed your course and are a qualified Make-up specialist you can charge anywhere between £25 – £125 per treatment and that normally takes around 45mins – 1.5hrs.

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Bridal Make-up


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and Festival


Contouring is the strategic application of a makeup product that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone to create shadows and draws areas of your facial structure back. This is complimented with highlighter which is a shade or several shades lighter than your natural skin tone and is used to bring certain features forward and accentuate them. The technique can create the illusion of higher and prominent cheekbones, a narrower nose, a more defined jawline or a thinner face shape.

Festivals have been around for many years. The 60s and the 70s were one of the first times people were letting go and showing off natural beauty. It was all about freedom. Therefore, the terms/use of festival beauty wasn’t really around.

Festivals have always provided the opportunity for people to express themselves and take trends into their own unique ways. With mainstream social media the way it is today there are a lot of influences surrounding festival makeup. 

This course teaches many various ways to apply festival makeup for different styled events

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Face Painting,

Pop Art and

Special FX


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