Holistic Courses

Crystal Healing

This course goes in to depth about Chakras, Meridian lines and Auras

Crystal healing or crystal therapy as it is sometime known, is an ancient holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they affect the body and mind.

A crystal therapist will programme the crystals with intent and then place healing crystals on or around a client to help unblock, focus and direct energy (or where the healing is required).

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Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a therapeutic method of applying sound frequencies to a person’s body/mind with the intent of bringing a state of harmony and health.

This course covers Chakras, frequencies and sounds with ways to use them to heal 

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Colour Therapy

Colour light is still used today, as colour therapy treatment and in many mainstream hospital’s colours are used as part of everyday along with a whole host of other alternative therapies.

 Colour dominates our everyday lives and we don’t even notice, from reading signs, identifying ripe fruits, traffic lights.

This course goes in to depth of colour and the healing properties associated with them as well colour theory and Chakras

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Hands and Feet

Reflexology is a holistic healing technique that involves applying different amounts of pressure to precise reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that correspond with all body parts.

People who practice this technique are called reflexologists.

It derives from ancient Chinese belief that qi (meaning vital energy) flows through each person, however it is blocked when a person feels stressed which then leads to an imbalance causing illness.

Reflexology aims to keep the qi flowing throughout the body and unblocking any adhesions to allow the body to stay balanced and free of disease.

Indian Head


Indian Head Massage is an ancient technique practiced over thousands of years that combines oils with natural healing property and massage, to relieve pressure points and promote the removal of toxins from the shoulders, neck, face and scalp. Help your clients switch off from the outside world and unwind their busy mind.


Once you have completed your course and are a qualified Indian Head specialist you can charge anywhere between £30 – £45 per treatment and that normally takes around 30 – 45 mins.

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Thermal Auricular Therapy, also known as Hopi ear candling, is an ancient form of therapy practiced by many people on a worldwide basis. Its name is taken from the Hopi Indians of North Arizona, USA, and means ‘peaceful people’.

Ear candling looks to remove blockages within the ear canal without the need for syringes or solutions but does work better as a preventative, so it is a good idea to have treatments before the ears become to impacted with wax.

This course will teach you the correct way to carry out the treatment with also the correct aftercare

This course will teach you AURICULAR THERAPY (Ears)

The course goes into depth on pressure points and anatomy of the ear that refer to points all over the body

A growing trend in the celebrity world as well as an up and coming sought after holistic treatment

Ear seeds are small seeds that are used to stimulate pressure points in the ear.

They are a type of auriculotherapy, which refers to acupressure or acupuncture focused on the ear, and is an effective method of treating acute and chronic diseases without any side effects.





Aromatherapy, also known as essential oil therapy, is a holistic healing treatment that uses aromatic essential oils that are known to medicinally improve the health of the body, mind and spirit.

The essential oils are made from essences found in the flowers, leaves, roots, peel, resin, seeds and bark of some plants.

It enhances both physical and emotional health and is thought of as both an art and a science.

The treatment works through absorption of the oils through the skin, or through the sense of smell and breathing them in.

Hot Stone


A Hot Stone treatment is relaxing and enjoyable treatment designed to ease tension and muscle stiffness. Hot stones when combined with massage helps to expand blood vessels which encourages blood flow through the body. Balinese stones bathed in massage oil are worked deep into the muscles getting into areas of tension resulting in sparkling vitality and hydrated skin.

It is advised to do the Body Massage Course first to learn all the knowledge that underpins this course and experience required for more advanced massage techniques.

Once you have completed your course and are a qualified Massage specialist you can charge anywhere between £40 – £75 per treatment and that normally takes around 45mins-1hr.


Salt Stone


Similar to traditional Basalt Stones, Himalayan Salt Stones can be used over the entire body. Not only does it deliver superb thermotherapy, Himalayan salt is known to contain 84 trace minerals.

These minerals are very helpful for the human body. When the body is massaged with the Himalayan Salt Stones, these minerals are absorbed in the body, helping to replenish the loss of these minerals from the body.

It’s important to note that because there is no way to determine exactly how much of the mineral content is absorbed by each client, outside of medical testing, that you must be ethical in how you market this benefit of the Himalayan Salt Stones.

A body scrub is like an exfoliating facial of the body.

It leaves the skin smooth and soft by deep exfoliation and with the use of oils rehydrating the layers of skin.

The abrasive material in the scrub (usually made from natural products such as sea salt or sugar) exfoliates the skin sloughing off dead skin cells and removing stubborn flaky skin.

 This course will go through different types of scrubs, where on the body to focus according to skin types

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A body wrap is a salon or spa treatment experience that can also be called a body ‘cocoon’.

It begins with exfoliation removing all the dead skin cells. The therapist will use a branded scrub (usually the brand within the salon or spa) to make sure the skins surface is clean and ready for lotions to sink into the skin deeper.

The therapist will then apply oils or body wrap ingredients to the body, depending on the chosen wrap the client will then be wrapped in either plastic wrap, blankets or bandages.

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