NEW! Wood Therapy Massage Model Slot- 21st August 2023

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Wood Therapy massage is similar to trigger point, deep tissue, and Swedish massage and is essential for your physical and mental health. People take these massages to relieve their muscle tension, stress, and chronic pains and alleviate their joint pain. The heated bamboo is kneaded into your tissues like your therapist massaging your body with their hands. Yet heated bamboo allows the therapist to massage your muscles deeper and firmer, which helps you to release your muscle tension, knots, and aches from your body.
What can Wood Therapy Massages improve?
Improve your blood circulation and enhance the flow of oxygen.
Help reduce your muscle and joint pain and improve your neck, lower back, and shoulder.
Alleviate your chronic pain and strengthen your core muscles.
Break down your fat cells and improve your overall health and fitness.
Release your stress and anxiety and keeps you active, strong, and energetic.
It helps to improve your sleep cycle and reduce the chances of insomnia.
Reduce your stress hormones and excite endorphins to boost your mood.

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