Beauty Treatment Insurance

Insurance for Beauty Professionals

So you’ve passed your course and you are now a certified beautician. Congratulations! You now have the skills to conduct the treatments you have worked hard to qualify for. You are eager to start treating clients and make some hard-earned money.

But before you start beautifying your clientele, you need to make sure you’ve got the right insurance. Yes, insurance is incredibly boring, but it’s also extremely important. Insurance is designed to help protect you should there be any unlikely mishaps during treatments.

As an accredited course provider, students of Hampson Training Academy can gain insurance once they have successfully completed one of our courses.

Here, we breakdown the essentials that you need to get started:

Public liability insurance

Public liability shields you from any claims that are the result of any neglectful conduct on your part. This can range from anything such as clients tripping over your equipment or if you have unintentionally caused damage to their property. This insurance would cover you for any legal expenses and compensation should a claimant win their case against you. It’s worth noting that public liability insurance would also cover your employees (if you have them), although you would also need employer’s liability insurance as a legal requirement.

Products liability insurance

Similar to public liability, product liability covers you for any damage or harm caused by products that you use during a treatment or sell to a client afterwards. Let’s say one of your customers has a reaction to a cream that you’ve used on them, they may try to claim compensation from you, even if you didn’t make the product. Products liability covers any legal fees and compensation should the claimant win the case. It’s worth noting that having product liability does not mean that you automatically have public liability insurance, although some providers will sell them together.

Professional treatment liability cover

Professional treatment liability is a type of cover specially designed for beauty and holistic therapists. If a customer feels that your treatment has led to personal harm or affected their wellbeing, they may try to sue you for malpractice. This form of coverage protects you from any legal costs or compensation you may have to pay should the claimant win their case.

Hampson Training Academy recommendations

While you are free to choose from many suitable providers, Hampson recommends the below providers as they’ve provided excellent cover for a number of our other students and are known for their excellent customer service.


Finch Group

Finch Group

  • Click here to visit their website
  • Call 020 8878 7822.


  • Click here to visit their website
  • Call 01200 309516.
Towergate Insurance


  • Click here to visit their website
  • Call 0344 892 1602.
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