We are now offering VTCT Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ Diplomas in Beauty Therapy

Our VTCT Level 2 and level 3 NVQ Diplomas in Beauty Therapy are vocational qualifications that will confirm your competence as a beauty therapist. Hampson Training Academy can offer this course in a realistic salon environment and provide you with the opportunity to learn beauty therapy skills, whilst working on real models. It is important for you to have the opportunity to learn in a real working environment, particularly because this qualification leads to employment in such a client-centred and service orientated sector.  
These qualifications are designed for learners aged 16 years or over and will support you to gain employment as a beauty therapist, as the units contained in both qualifications cover all the skills and knowledge required for this role.

What could this qualification lead to?  

This qualification will qualify you for employment as a beauty therapist. You will also be eligible to join a professional association and gain insurance as a beauty therapist. Career opportunities as a beauty therapist exist in a variety of contexts, including:

💛 Working in a beauty salon.  


💛 Working in spas or cruise ships. 


💛 Working in self-employed, mobile, or home-based settings

Our VTCT Level 2 and level 3 Diplomas in Beauty Therapy Treatments prepare you to enter the beauty therapy sector. The VTCT Level 2 and level 3 Diplomas in Beauty Therapy Treatments can be achieved through gathering evidence in our Training Academy’s realistic working environment while practicing on model clients and training equipment.

Who supports this qualification?  

This qualification is based on the beauty therapy National Occupational Standards (NOS) and is recognised by the UK’s leading professional association, the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) as being fit for purpose to confirm your competence as a beauty therapist. Holders of this qualification are eligible to become a professional member of BABTAC.  

What is VTCT? 

VTCT stands for ‘Vocational Training Charitable Trust’. It is a specialist awarding and assessment organisation offering vocational and technical qualifications in a range of service sectors.  

VTCT is officially recognised by Ofqual.  

Ofqual are the UK Office reporting directly to the UK Parliament for qualifications and regulation. 

There are more than 2,000 approved centres worldwide… and now we are one of them! 

What is a NVQ? 

NVQs are qualifications that are usually completed in a realistic working environment. One of the benefits of an NVQ is that the student can prove their competency through demonstration and assessment.  

Level 2 NVQs are equivalent to 4-5 GCSE grades.

Level 3 NVQs are equivalent to 2 A levels.

A key part of your course will include proving that you can do certain work-related tasks. During the course, you will be assessed through your portfolio, where you build evidence of the work you have done, and by observation, where an assessor watches you work and checks that you can perform the necessary tasks. 

How will I be assessed? 

You must complete assignments, tests and perform practical skills for each unit of the course. 

 Evaluations will take place while you are doing the course these will include practical evaluations, oral questions, theory tests, and assignments. You must present proof at the end of the course to show that you have attained the necessary level of competence. 

Written assessment papers will provide further proof of your subject knowledge and comprehension this will be included in your portfolio along with feedback sheets and all written work.  

The primary outcome of the VTCT Level 2 and 3 NVQ Diplomas in Beauty Therapy General is to confirm your competence in the job role of beauty therapist. All the units in both qualifications relate directly to the specific job role of a beauty therapist.



12 week programme, 2 days a week (extra days may be needed for induction day and portfolio work) 


This qualification includes all the required elements to work effectively as a beauty therapist including: facial skincare, enhancement of eyebrows and eyelashes, waxing services, manicure, pedicure, effectiveness at work, health and safety and promoting additional products and services to clients. 
Learners will further develop their understanding and skills base by selecting a number of optional specialist units which include ear piercing, make-up services, threading, salon reception duties. This qualification’s structure provides learners with the flexibility to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills depending upon their designated career pathway as a junior beauty therapist with an opportunity to develop your skills further upon completion by moving onto the level 3 NVQ Diploma Beauty Therapy General.  








What will be included? 




Anatomy & Physiology level 2  


Brow shaping (definition brows) 

Eyelash Tinting and lift  

Eyelash strip and cluster 




Health & Safety, Client Care, Communication, Consultation 

Makeup Services 

Reception Duties

Entry Requirements 

Students aged 18 and over, A satisfactory basic education and an acceptable command of the English language.  



16 week programme, 2 days a week (extra days may be needed for induction day and portfolio work) 

This is a vocational qualification and includes all the required elements to work effectively as a beauty therapist including, mandatory units covering the following: facial and body electrical, body massage, electrical epilation, monitoring procedures in the salon and contributing to the planning of a promotional event.  
You can also further develop your understanding and skills by choosing a number of optional specialist units which include: intimate waxing, single eyelash extensions, self-tanning, massage with pre-blended oils, Indian head massage and stone therapy. The structure of this qualification provides you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required for a career as a beauty therapist.  
Throughout this qualification you will develop your knowledge and understanding of relevant anatomy and physiology, health and safety, and client care. You will also develop a range of technical skills in preparing the skin and applying beauty therapy products and electrical equipment to the skin, using a variety of different techniques. You will also develop interpersonal skills that will assist you to communicate effectively with clients.





What will be included? 




Anatomy & Physiology LEVEL 3  

Facial & body electrical  

Body Massages – Swedish & Hot Stone 

Electrical Epilation 

Safely control work Operations 

Plan And Implement Promotion Activities 



Intimate Waxing 

Single Lash Extensions 


Massage With Blended 

Indian Head Massage 




Entry Requirements  

Entry onto this qualification can be via previous attainment of a Level 2 qualification in beauty therapy.

Individual Unit Prices






MANICURE 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99 £200.00 
PEDICURE 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
FACIAL 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
WAXING 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
MAKE UP 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
LASH LIFT AND TINT 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
BODY MASSAGE 1 DAY  £19.99  £149.99  £200.00 
HOT STONE AND HIMALAYN MASSAGE 1 DAY  £149.99  £149.99  £200.00 
INTIMATE WAXING 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
INDIVIDUAL EYELASH EXTENSIONS 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
SPRAY TAN 1 DAY  £149.99  £149.99  £200.00 
MANUAL TAN 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 
INDIAN HEAD 1 DAY  £99.99  £149.99  £200.00 


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