Module 1Introduction
Unit 1Welcome
Module 2Face to Face Customer Service
Unit 1What is Customer Service Face to Face?
Unit 2First Impressions
Unit 3Body Language
Module 3Communication Basics
Unit 1What is Communication?
Unit 2Sending a Message
Module 4GDPR - About
Unit 1What is GDPR?
Unit 2What is personal data and sensitive data?
Unit 3What is a controller and what is a processor?
Module 5GDPR - Main Principles
Unit 1Main Key Principles
Unit 2Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
Unit 3Purpose limitation
Unit 4Data minimisation
Unit 5Accuracy
Unit 6Storage limitation
Unit 7Integrity and confidentiality (security)
Unit 8Accountability
Module 6Lawful Bases
Unit 1 Lawful bases
Unit 2What are the lawful bases?
Module 7Individuals Rights
Unit 1Individual rights
Unit 2The right to be informed
Unit 3The right of access
Unit 4The right to rectification
Unit 5The right to erasure
Unit 6The right to restrict processing
Unit 7The right to data portability
Unit 8The right to object
Unit 9Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling
Module 8Accountability Governance and Security
Unit 1Accountability
Unit 2Security and Governance
Module 9End of Module Exam
Unit 1End of Module Exam
Module 10Completion
Unit 1Congratulations
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