Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome
Module 2 Face to Face Customer Service
Unit 1 What is Customer Service Face to Face?
Unit 2 First Impressions
Unit 3 Body Language
Module 3 Communication Basics
Unit 1 What is Communication?
Unit 2 Sending a Message
Module 4 GDPR - About
Unit 1 What is GDPR?
Unit 2 What is personal data and sensitive data?
Unit 3 What is a controller and what is a processor?
Module 5 GDPR - Main Principles
Unit 1 Main Key Principles
Unit 2 Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
Unit 3 Purpose limitation
Unit 4 Data minimisation
Unit 5 Accuracy
Unit 6 Storage limitation
Unit 7 Integrity and confidentiality (security)
Unit 8 Accountability
Module 6 Lawful Bases
Unit 1  Lawful bases
Unit 2 What are the lawful bases?
Module 7 Individuals Rights
Unit 1 Individual rights
Unit 2 The right to be informed
Unit 3 The right of access
Unit 4 The right to rectification
Unit 5 The right to erasure
Unit 6 The right to restrict processing
Unit 7 The right to data portability
Unit 8 The right to object
Unit 9 Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling
Module 8 Accountability Governance and Security
Unit 1 Accountability
Unit 2 Security and Governance
Module 9 End of Module Exam
Unit 1 End of Module Exam
Module 10 Completion
Unit 1 Congratulations
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