Module 1Galvanic Facials - About
Unit 1What is a galvanic facial?
Unit 2What is the history?
Unit 3Desincrustation
Unit 4Iontophoresis
Unit 5What are the benefits?
Unit 6Recommended timings & pricing
Module 2Preparation
Unit 1Consultation
Unit 2Record Card
Unit 3Products
Unit 4Treatment protocols
Unit 5Treatment check list and precautions
Unit 6Equipment check list
Module 3Galvanic Step by Step Guides
Unit 1Galvanic Facial Step by Step
Unit 2Galvanic Facial Step by Step Video Demonstration
Unit 3Galvanic Iontophoresis Step by Step
Unit 4Galvanic Iontophoresis Step by Step Video Demonstration
Unit 5End of Module Exam
Module 4Aftercare
Unit 1Contra-actions
Unit 2Aftercare
Module 5Completion
Unit 1Theory Complete
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