How long do Anti-wrinkle injections last?

You can anticipate the effects of your initial anti-wrinkle injections to last between three and six months. This depends on the severity of the wrinkles you have had fixed, your skin type, how well you take care of your skin, and other factors all affect the results.

Are anti-wrinkle injections the same as Botox?

When it comes to the names and descriptions of all the many treatments available, the world of aesthetics may seem a little confusing. Anti-wrinkle injections and Botox are certainly terming that people who are unfamiliar with aesthetic clinics or who are still considering their options have heard of, but they may not know exactly what we mean. The basic answer is that they are identical; Botox and anti-wrinkle injections are the same thing. In the same way that most other products have competing names on the market, Botox is merely the name of a particular type of anti-wrinkle. Like Q-tips, and Hoover, which are all brands that are commonly used to describe products, Botox is just another one.


What are the side effects of Anti-wrinkle injections?

The affected area may appear a little bit swollen, uncomfortable and red. In a few days, any swelling or bruising should go away. You should receive instructions on how to lower the chance of side effects. This includes avoiding alcohol, coffee, and the sun as well as not applying makeup immediately after the treatment.



Are anti-wrinkle injections worth it?

Is treatment expensive? No, we believe it gives excellent value for the money, especially since you receive the assurance of a knowledgeable team, a clean, safe clinic, and thorough aftercare to keep and extend results. Additionally, it carries a far lower risk than surgery, and you may adjust how much and how frequently you get it in the future to meet your skin’s demands.


Do anti-wrinkle injections work?

Anti-wrinkle injections are effective because they directly target a certain location, anti-wrinkle injections are effective. The chemical signal the brain delivers to the muscle instructing it to contract is momentarily blocked by the injections. Spasms are stopped, and wrinkles are smoothed as a result. When administered in modest dosages to the desired locations, reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles. Only the muscles below the injection site are impacted by the protein. The surrounding facial muscles will continue to move normally.

Where can I learn Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

For £1,499.99, you may take a classroom course at Hampson Training Academy to learn how to administer Anti- wrinkle injections. You will learn the theoretical and practical skills you need to start treating your customers right away in this Anti- wrinkle injection course.

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How much can I earn from offering Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

The starting fee for a treatment is between £250 and £400. The dosage and the region that your customer has requested be covered will determine this. For clients to see the optimum benefits, repeated, routine injections are required. We advise looking into nearby competitor bundles or speaking with one of our trainers for additional guidance.


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