NEW! Model Slot- Intimate Wax – 7th August 2023

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Intimate Waxing – The Kim Lawless Wax Queen Technique
With or Without landing strip. Removes every single hair from the back to the front, inside and outside, everything gone, completely bare!

Pre-Treatment Requirements
Please AVOID the following activities before waxing:
• Direct exposure to sun or a tanning bed within the previous 24 hours.
• Excessive exfoliation or scrubs in the area within 48 hours.
• Shaving the area or using hair removal products within the previous two weeks.
• Applying lotion in the areas to be waxed/Laser
• Consumption of alcohol or caffeinated beverages within several hours.

For Brazilian and Hollywood please AVOID the following in conjunction with the above activities:
• Sexual activity within 24 hours.
• Trimming the pubic hair less than ¼ inch long (Waxing).

Aftercare Requirements
The client should be advised that it is perfectly normal to experience some slight soreness, small bumps, and redness after their treatment. This should only last 24-48 hours, if the symptoms persist for longer, they can contact you for advice or if they become more severe, they should seek medical advice.

• Keep the area clean and avoid heat/friction.
• Only bathe or shower in lukewarm water and avoid scented products.
• Do not use a sunbed, sauna, hot tubs, or steam room.
• Do not apply fake tan.
• Avoid exercise.
• Do not touch the area with unwashed hands.
• Wear clean loose clothing.
• Do not go swimming.
• Toilet hygiene is extremely important to prevent infection.
• Gently exfoliate after a week if ingrown hairs occur.

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